This legendary psychedelic folkrock band formed in the early 70s out of members from Mecki Mark Men and Homo Sapiens has forever written their name in Swedish music history as they renewed the Swedish folk music.

They instantly became very popular and was probably the most frequently touring band in the 70s giving long concerts where the separate tunes could grow to be about an hour long.

After some years break that have reunioned and are now active again and guess what? They are better than ever!

Read the booklets to get the whole story!

CD Booklet Resa mot okänt mål…

CD Booklet II…

CD Booklet III…



Kenny Håkansson
Mats Glenngård
Thomas Netzler
Pelle Ekman
Ingemar Böcker (rip)
Hassan Bah
Bella Linnarsson
Göran Lagerberg
Pelle LIndström
Gunnar Andersson (rip)
Turid Lundqvist