Älgarnas Trädgård

This legendary band from Gothenburg started in the very easy seventies and soon got known for their remarkable concerts that more turned out to be musical installations than just concerts. They experimented with sounds and constantly expanded their possibilities to... Read more

Bergman Rock

Thomas Öberg, Conny Nimmersjö, Jonas Jonasson, Mats Hellquist, John Essing och Mats Andersson known as bob hund will never get to old for punk rock. But after having almost all the success you can get and been rewarded with almost... Read more

Bo Hansson

Bo Hansson’s musical journey started already in the late fifties when he traveled with a female rock singer “Rock- Olga” as guitarist and with the pop group Merrymen in the early sixties. But it is above all as organist we... Read more
bob hund 2

bob hund

“It’s only minutes after Bob Hund have finished an already classic concert at the Cityhall in Stockholm. The floor is filled with glassplinters and the air is still vibrating from adrenaline. Per and Mauritz from Eggstone, who have been standing... Read more


When members of Hedningarna play whirling, sensual polskas and the dance group Virvla whirl like Swedish sufi dervishes it is as if the pinewood polska and the birch tree waltz are transformed into a new dimension and it comes straight... Read more
Camouflage 1

Camouflage / The Tapirs

Camouflage started out in Vänersborg, nearby Gothenburg, 1981but not until 1983 they started to get ready to meet the public. Their feverish music and big sounds with Ola Jörhall’s fragile voice on top was a welcome contrast to the punk... Read more

Chick Habit

No bullshit – short songs, lots of melodies and straight on! Five girls in their early twenties from Stockholm City started in 2002 with the intention just to play loud and fast. Their motto was “More! More! More! More!” As... Read more

Cosmic Overdose

Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben have been friends since school 1969. In the early 70s Dan played in ”Älgarnas Trädgård” (Garden of the Elks) and Karl in ”Anna Själv Tredje”, both bands part of the Swedish alternative scene and experimental... Read more

Dag Vag

Dag Vag has been one of Swedens most popular band since the late 70s. At that time many people were really tired of the progressive music movement and Dag Vag came as a new fresh approach with their childlike, but... Read more

Dub Sweden

Dub Sweden are, beside the members of the group, a Farfisa organ (a flee market bargain that was named “The Mother Ship”), a rhythm box, a reverb, a record player and a cocktail drum kit. With these ingredients they succeed... Read more


1979 var Silence studio så klar att vi vågade hyra ut den. Första band som kom på det viset var Eldkvarn. Det var MNW som ville hyra in sig eftersom deras egen studio i Waxholm var fullbokad och Eldkvarn skulle... Read more


Nina Natri wanted to be a pop star and after a summer in London running around in all the hot clubs, bragging about her band, she decided that the time had come. It was just one little problem – she... Read more
Fint Tillsammans 3

Fint Tillsammans

Let’s just establish the fact that Fint Tillsammans (Fine Together) is a Swedish trio with great musicality. They sing songs about the hardships, fragility and deceits of the male and female fellowship, they are not afraid to show they’re vulnerable,... Read more

First Floor Power

First Floor Power was formed in 1997 in Malmö, and was discovered by bob hund when they were support band on a bob hund concert. So in 1999 they recorded their first album “We are the people” in Silence Studio with Jonas... Read more
Fredrik Lindström

Fredrik Lindström

Swedish stand up comedian!

Grisen Skriker

And here they come – 1000 punks! 1977/78 the punk exploded also in Stockholm, and Grisen Skriker (The Pig shouts) was one of the handful leading punk bands, together with Ebba Grön, KSMB and Skabb. They were wild and they... Read more
Gudibrallan 2


Gudibrallan is as punk as it can be – and that long before the genre was even invented! The first record was released already in 1970 and was actually the very first Silence record ever that hit the desks. Gudibrallan... Read more

Häjkån Bäjkån

Music for children. Enjoyable also for grown ups.


Handgjort (Hand made) was formed 1970 when four musicians, (with Greg Fitzpatrick, an American anti war deserter in the front), that all had been to India at different times, met back here in Sweden. They had all been inspired by... Read more
Harvester - Hemåt 6


The open society in the Swedish 60s version; a life that was closed and finished and technically clean is opening up to new ways of understanding the world. And in the music of Pearsson Sound/International Harvester/Harvester this development finds a... Read more


  Swedish prank calls…
Hasse & Lasse

Hasse Pihl & Lasse Sundholm

Swedish humor from Public Radio. In Swedish.

Hederos & Hellberg

This piano and vocal duo was born on New Years Day 2001. They both used to play in a band called Nyphet Noodlers and they were supposed to have a reunion in a studio but the others didn’t show up.... Read more
Hedningarna 6


Have you heard the sound of an electric goat stomach or the humming, scratching sound of drones coming up from the tunnels and caves of the underground and create pictures of a kind of fellow ancient heritage we are all... Read more
Harvester - Hemåt 7

International Harvester

The open society in the Swedish 60s version; a life that was closed and finished and technically clean is opening up to new ways of understanding the world. And in the music of Pearsson Sound/International Harvester/Harvester this development finds a... Read more
Jan Hammarlund

Jan Hammarlund

Since the early seventies Jan Hammarlund has been one the most important Swedish sing-and song writers. With his soft but strong voice he delivers sharp observations of our society and our behaviors. He has also introduced other artists to the... Read more

Kai Martin & Stick!

From April 1, 1978 until August 10, 1985 – seven years of expansive, always developing music. Kai Martin & Stick! was, as one of the most influential Swedish post-punk bands, a restless orchestra that bid you intense recordings and sparkling... Read more


This legendary psychedelic folkrock band formed in the early 70s out of members from Mecki Mark Men and Homo Sapiens has forever written their name in Swedish music history as they renewed the Swedish folk music. They instantly became very... Read more
Kenny 2

Kenny Håkansson

Kenny was born in Stockholm 1945 and started to play electric guitar in the early 60s inspired by bands like The Shadows and Spotnicks. After that he has been heard in T-Bones, Baby Grandmother, Mecki Mark Men, Kebnekajse, Dag Vag,... Read more
Lasse Hollmer 1

Lars Hollmer

During the 70s Lars Hollmer was one of the driving forces behind the bands Samla Mammas Manna, Zamla Mammaz Manna, von Zamla and Ramlösa Kvällar. When Zamla dissolved 1980 he started to work on a solo project XII Siberian Bicycles,... Read more

Mattias Hellberg

Mattias Hellberg is a guitarist that besides this skill also has been given a great and husky voice. He was in the past a member of now more or less legendary Nymphet Noodles, a band discovered and produced by Ebbot... Read more
Per C 1

Per Cussion/Tjernberg

”street beat meets world beat with a jazzy attitude” This is no less than the first rap music made in Sweden – and that was already in 1983. Swedish musician Per Tjernberg, also known as Per Cussion, went to New... Read more

Philemon Arthur & The Dung

Two still anonymous youngsters from Skåne, in the far south of Sweden are making music that divide music Sweden in two halves with their bold vocals, experimental lyrics and fantastic songs. Either you love them or the opposite. Clearly there... Read more
Ragnarök 3


Ragnarök from the southeastern parts of Sweden was formed 1972 but not until 1976 got their first recordings made by Anders Lind at Silence. Their instrumental and dynamic music has been the sound-track of many a high school student’s long... Read more
Ramlösa Kvällar

Ramlösa Kvällar / Frameless nights

Ramlösa Kvällar was formed after Samla Mammas Manna’s short break in 1976 by Lars Hollmer (accordion) and Coste Apetrea (guitar, bouzouki) together with Ulf Wallander (sax, maracas), Kalle Eriksson (trumpet, flute) and Bill Öhrström (percussion). They play acoustic and instrumental... Read more

Robert Broberg/Zero

Robert Broberg is one of the most well known artists in Sweden. He is a sing and song writer, musician, painter, poet and much more. He has been active since the 60s. During a period in the late 70s he... Read more

Robert Broberg/Zero

Robert Broberg is one of the most well known artists in Sweden. He is a sing and song writer, musician, painter, poet and much more. He has been active since the 60s. During a period in the late 70s he... Read more

Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks

Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks formed in 1992 with influences from early sixties instrumental music and roots in the Swedish garage rock (where you can find bands like The Nomads) but had considerably more in common with Link Wray and Dick... Read more
Samla 8

Samla Mammas Manna/Zamla Mammaz Manna

Samla Mammas Manna was the leading rock-avantgardists during the seventies, with their intense, energetic music, filled with sudden whims and the skillful performance. They were formed in an old rebuilt chicken house outside of Uppsala in 1970. At first they... Read more

Sci Fi Skåne

Sci-Fi Skane is Thomas Öberg and Jonas Jonasson, usually known from bob hund and Bergman Rock. For a long time these childhood friends had this dream, to make a solo album – together. It is no secret that Kraftwerk right... Read more

Träd, Gräs och Stenar

It was the late 60s, it was summer of love, hippies, student revolting, protests against the war in Vietnam, new thoughts about art and music. 1969 International Harvester/Harvester transformed into Trees, Grass and Stones, with mainly the same members, but... Read more
Traste 2

Traste Lindéns Kvintett

This folk-rock-punk band was during the 90s one of the most popular groups in Sweden, constantly touring, making attendance records at all scenes. But they started out a little more modest by doing an acoustic train tour from the south... Read more
Turid 2


For the first time on CD – A compilation with one of Sweden’s besots important female sing/songwriter in the 70s. Already in the late 60s Turid became famous in the underground of Stockholm as a Swedish Buffy Saint Marie, Lotte... Read more


TwiceAman was formed 1981 by Dan Söderqvist och Karl Gasleben. Earlier in 1978 they had been found in a band called Cosmic Overdose and Gasleben was also the one half of the duo Anna Själv Tredje and Dan was a... Read more
Ulf 1

Ulf Stureson

Ulf Stureson started his musical carrier as bass player and composer in Traste Lindéns Kvintett, a band that were considered as one of the wildest live acts in Sweden at the time. But one day he had enough, he said... Read more
Urban Turban 2

Urban Turban

Urban Turban is a splended cultural crasch. This is blues echoing out of some parallel universe. This is how it might have sounded if Captain Beefheart had conducted an Arabian Big Band. This music could be what would happen if... Read more


Long before the first record hit the desks in November 1998, the rumor had spread about the fiery, hot and heavy live band called Urga. In the center was two women, Irya Gemyner and Savannah Agger, with their strong voices singing... Read more
Vilse i Pannkakan

Vilse i pannkakan – Staffan Westerberg, Thomas Wiehe m fl.

Lost in the pancake! A Swedish classic children’s TV show and record.