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This 5–10 piece group was one of the giants in Sweden during the seventies most known for their fantastic concerts during their constant touring from 1972 til 1977. With double drums, 2 or 3 guitarists, violin, harmonica, double bass they offered long improvisasions that spellbounded the audience. They are also known for their electrified rock version of the Swedish folkmusic. They inspired bands like Hedningarna to start playing. Front man Kenny Håkansson is concidered one of the best guitarists ever in Sweden. This second album were released in 1973

1. Rättvikarnas gånglåt
2. Horgalåten
3. Skönklåt från Rättvik
4. Barkbrödslåten
5. Comanche Spring
6. Horgalåten (bonus track)

Reiussed 2001