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Silence SRS 4601

It was in June 1970 and the very first and small Gärdet fest was taking place in Stockholm. The newly started Silence Records attended the festival together with a couple of hundred others and heard this rather unlikely band with the insolent name Gudibrallan meaning GodinthePants.

It was a minor chaos on stage and anyone who wanted to join on the almost non-existing stage was welcome. No one had ever heard of punk, the word wasn’t invented yet. But there in 1970 this was as punk as it could ever be. This also was the reason that the band was locked out from most rock clubs in their hometown Uppsala.

Silence recorded the band in one day, mixed the next day, the band drew a cover and this LP was done, actually the very first Silence record that saw the day.

This is a replica of that very first LP, but of course with sound improvements by Anders Lind.

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