Mattias Hellberg

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Mattias Hellberg started out in Nymphet Noodlers as a singer together with Martin Hederos, piano, Mattias Bärjed, guitar, Jan Martens, bass and Jesper Karlsson, drums. Very soon they were discovered by Ebbot Lundberg (Soundtrack Of Our Lives) who produced their first album (1994) and later they also got a great fan in Wayne Cramer(MC5). The band disbanded in 1996 and Bärjed and Hederos became members of Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Jan Martens started his own band. Unfortunately none of these bands needed a singer with a harsh voice so Mattias got “left over”. Not only a great singer with a great voice but also an excellent guitarist he played a little here and a little there with bands like Diamond Dogs and Alimony for a period and toured US with The Hellacopters on their 1998 December tour.

New Years Day 2000 was supposed to be a day of reunion for the Nymphets but most of the members never showed up, probably due to sufferings from New Years Eve… Mattias Hellberg and Martin Hederos found themselves alone in the studio and to pass time they played some covers, just piano and vocals. The engineer pressed the record button and a record was released later that year (Gravitation). The duo was praised to the sky by the critics for their low-keyed interpretations of the songs of sad masters performed with melancholy, soul and a gospel feeling accompanied by a padding and dextrous piano.
Martin Hederos’ sensitive and fondling way of playing the piano together with Mattias’ harsh and cracked voice became very successful also by the audience in Sweden and filled concert halls and theatres. They also toured Europe together with Ryan Adams. However, the duo had to disband when Martin Hederos’ got his hands full with Soundtrack Of Our Lives successfully touring and releasing records in US and elsewhere.
In September 2003 Mattias started recording his own songs together with some fellow musicians and they spent some dark autumn days and nights in the legendary Silence studio to record these ten songs about the melancholy of life.

01. A Small Amount Of Confusion
02. Walking Restless
03. Where Did You Go
04. True
05. Power Failure
06. Healing Hand
07. Could Have Reached For You
08. A Sight Supreme
09. Deep Into The Bone
10. Mother And Child Reunion

Released 2004