Gudibrallan is as punk as it can be – and that long before the genre was even invented!

The first record was released already in 1970 and was actually the very first Silence record ever that hit the desks.

Gudibrallan was a loose group of people from Uppsala, a student city a little north for Stockholm. Their concerts were chaotic and anyone could jump up at the stage and join in whatever way they wanted, often with some kind of cheap flute or tin whistle.

The first record was recorded right after the very first small Gärdet fest. The recordings was made in just one day and after 2 weeks the record was pressed and delivered, ready to be sold at the second, and more official, Gärdet fest later the same summer.

Gudibrallan made two albums and hold classics as “Fy på sig sosse”, Oskar, “Berusa er”, “Häng Gud” among others.

The group still exists (!), but not with the same members or sound, and of course, older.


Örjan Terje
Lollo Lindberg
Dag Kraft
Totto Lindberg
Håkan Gustavsson
Urban Carlsson