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The truth is that this record was the first Silence record to ever hit the streets (1970). Recorded in one day, mixed in one day, released within two weeks – this is so punk it can be, long before anyone ever heard of punk! And it sounds like it too. This compilation holds the very first album plus most of the second album (1971) with immortal classics as “Sosse”, “Hej Gud”, “Berusa er”.

01. T-Doja
02. Sosse
03. Terjes klagan
04. Sprutan
05. Sommar uti hagen
06. Handgranat och bajonett
07. Uti vår hage
08. En student från Uppsala
09. Syster Lisa
10. Hej Gud
11. Oskar
12. John Boy
13. Berusa er
14. Hispan
15. Visa om jungfrun

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