Bonjour Baberiba Pt. II

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”Elvis was a truck driver” was once translated to ”Elvis var en truckförare” by a Swedish journalist so I know I’m taking a big risk here. But Bergman Rock, like myself, are here again and frankly we don’t give a toss about risks. Risks are necessary.

The last Bergman Rock album, their eponymous debut, was seven years in the making.

This time they spent a total of seven days recording, mixing and mastering. Even the songs were written in seven days. Seven tracks is what The Stooges have on ”Funhouse”. I could say something pretentious about Uncle Ingemar’s ”Seventh Seal” as well, but I won’t.

Bergman Rock’s history goes back to the early nineties when they all agreed that they had to do something under the bob hund monicker. Within a couple of years later bob hund had done almost everything a successful band can do in Scandinavia. Been there, seen it, done it. They needed challenges. Real challenges. So they changed their name to Bergman Rock, switched language and their attitude to sound. Some even got new haircuts.

This release finds Bergman Rock combining the best elements of punk, pop and rock. It’s sublime artistry and it’s mammothly spontaneous. Positively perverse. Stadium rock for the wicked. The band is at their peak, you see. Marcus Törncrantz, Solna 2005-04-11

1. Bonjour baberiba (part II)
2. Crack of dawn
3. No more top 10
4. Unforced peace
5. Legendary look-alikes
6. Swan song
7. Bubble gum