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For the first time on CD – A compilation with one of Sweden’s best female sing/songwriter in the seventies!
Already in the late sixties Turid became famous in the underground of Stockholm as a Swedish Buffy Saint-Marie, Lotte Lenya or Joni Mitchell. Her voice has been described as “a thin thread of gold”. After winning a radio competition she soon became known even outside the underground. She was chased by the bigger record companies but took a stand and chosed Silence that just had started and in 1971 her first record “Vittras Visor” (Vittras Songs) and Silence’s eighth hit the desks (Vittra is a female mythic being living in the woods). Turid worked with the finest musicians around at the time, such as Kenny Håkansson (Kebnekajse), Björn J:son Lindh and Palle Danielsson. This record was half in English and half in Swedish.
Silence released two more albums – “Bilder”(Pictures) 1973 and “Tredje dagen” (The Third Day) 1975 before moving out to the countryside. Turid stayed in Stockholm and one of the bigger companies finally got to work with her.
Turid is almost as shy as a Vittra and not so fond of publicity and after 1982 she nearly stopped performing and has pretty much withdrawn to her own private sphere. Some say you can in some aspects compare her to US singer Linda Perhacs.
“Today Turid stands out as a flower child of the seventies, odd but still characteristic of the time. Her songs bear echoes of Joni Mitchell (think “Woodstock”) and Melanie but at the same time there is a Nordic melancholy and a distinct and very personal voice. The lyrics are avoiding all kinds of clichés and the music weaves beautiful melodies in intricate arrangements. Yes, Turids poetic sensibility works today just as it did thirty years ago”
(Dan Backman, Svenska Dagbladet)
We have compiled the most and the best of the three albums and Anders Lind has carefully restored the sounds for your pleasure.

01. Song
02. Den gamla vanliga historien
03. Klagovisa
04. Om snällhet
05. Tom i bollen
06. Bilder
07. På tredje dagen uppståndna
08. Stjärnor och änglar
09. Välkomme-hus
10. Ödegårdar
11. Nyckelbanepigevisa
12. Sometimes I think age is a treasure
13. Låt mig se dig
14. Vargen
15. Shri ram
16. Vakna, mitt barn
17. Visa om imperialismens taktik
18. Och sommaren kom
19. Crystal shades of loneliness
20. Tintomaras sång
21. Vittras vaggvisa

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