Vilse i Pannkakan

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Staffan Westerberg is a very special personality on the theatre scenes in Sweden. He made a lot of childrens programmes on TV and this record is from one of the most known of his works. Accused of destroying a whole generation!! But no way we agree to that. Staffan’s stories are always filled with existentiell undertones and many layers and absolutely not dangerous. All kids that understand Swedish should hear this. Music by Thomas Wiehe.

01. Har du sett på pannkakan?
02. Nu dillar han med maten
03. I så fall blir jag gla’
04. En dag så gick du vilse
05. Visan om Gallileo
06. Bajspladaskan
07. Otroligt roligt
08. Jorden är platt som en pannkaka
09. Om du går till världens kant
10. Sjöns musik
11. Akta dig för sprutan
12. Avskedsdans

Released 1975
Reissued 1995