För äldre nybegynnare/Schlagerns mystik

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This double album is one of the heights for the band. One record containes a number of beautiful and crazy songs performed with brilliance and a b-side with the long and dark The Fate. One album is filled with their witty instrumentals.

1. At Ragunda
2. Seasinsong
3. Proffesion Iss The Amateur’s Glue
4. Buttonless
5. Not Margareta
6. Little Karin
7. Asphaltsong
8. Jossan Lost
9. The Fate

1. Watchmaker I
2. Watchmaker II
3. The Funktrap
4. Short Inheritance
5. The Modern
6. Temporal You Are
7. Harness In Memorian
8. To The Oval Meter
9. Do You Think Like Me?

Released 1978
Reissued 2000