Fried On The Altar Of Good Taste

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“This is the only record with instrumental rockmusic that you’ll ever need. You’ll have to sneak away your Link Wray-records, of course, and maybe ”Misirlou” with Dick Dale, but the rest you can throw away and never miss again. Here you’ll find everything, and more.
Not often has such a joyful chock of brutal, scientifically raw music been produced in the name of post-modernism.
James Bond meets Henry Mancini, Skatelites meets Suicide, jazz meets dub, synths are rockin’, surfmusic is talking jiddisch, light meets darkness, electric guitars are having sex.
Even if this record is leaning heavily on the collective force of the trio and on the bob hund-members liberal production, odd ideas and enormous dynamics built into the sound, most of all this is Robert Johnson’s record.”

Lennart Persson

Produced by Thomas Öberg/bob hund

01. Sputnik Monroe
02. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
03. Ali Pang
04. Surf As Houdini
05. Arabesgue
06. Sam Spade’s Wedding
07. Something For Sophia Loren
08. Galvestone Giant
09. Rope-A-Dope
10. Rocket True Temper 20 OZ
11. Rubber Room
12. Escape From New York
13. Sham
14. New Interns Watusi

Released 2000