Ramlösa Kvällar

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Lars Hollmer and Coste Apetréa from Samla Mammas Manna formed this group together with some horn musicians and members from Jukka Toloonen’s band. They performed once in a while and we just had to bring the recording equipment to whatever smokey club they were playing and try to catch the magic moments of their mixture of Balkan music, Swedish folk tunes, blues, jazz – in 1976 they were way ahead of their time. Discover this pearl from 1978!

01. Sega
02. Magnus Ladulåten
03. Bogdan dansar
04. Castaneda
05. Vallåten
06. Den maskulina mystiken
07. Idé och lärdomshistoria
08. Åreskutan
09. Sista mars
10. Esten
11. Ramlösa blues
12. Grekisk sorgmarsch (bonus track)

Reissued 1993