2117 M. Above Sea Level

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” I started the recordings in Sjöbo, a small village outside the little bigger Ljusdal in Hälsingland up north. I rented an Adat recorder and whent up there in the middle of September -94 to the cabin that I share with my brother. I stayed for a month and recorded. Seven channels with guitar and one channel for the sequenser. Two microphones; one Shure SM58 and a condensor micerophone. A 30W Marshall Artist and some dist.boxes. An electric bass Höfner from 1963, my brothers. Yamaha SPX90 & 900fx + one DX7 and eight TX7 synthesizers. One 386 PC with Voyetra sequenser plus Golden programme. My intension was to stay for two weeks, but I couldn’t go home, I enjoyed it too much, I had a super nice time, and fun. In the beginning of summer 1995 I went to Koppom with my car packed once more. After a couple of days, Hassan – Jembe, Jörgen – Drums and Patrik – Bass joined me. I preffered real drums and bass instead of the synthetic instruments.
Anders and I mixed and trixed with effects and defects until we were satisfied. Together with Eva and Nikolaj we named the tunes in English so that also our foreign friends would understand a small amount of what it is all about.” Kenny Håkansson

01. Down The Boulder Ridge
02. In The Highlands
03. Autumns Dawn
04. Pinewood 3-Step
05. Haymarket
06. Tune From Junipers Bay
07. Moondance
08. Grumbling To The Gods
09. Closer To The Black Hole
10. Waltzing Nights

Released 1995