Together In The Darkness (Vinyl 12″)

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This piano and vocal duo was born on new years day 2001. They both used to play in a band called Nyphet Noodlers and were supposed to have a reuniom in the studio but the others didn’t show up. To pass time they played some songs thet loved. The engineer pressed the recordbutton and the result was a record with interpretations of rock classics that stunned the audience. This record is the second album and here thev’e developed their own songwriting that well holds the standard.
Martin’s fondling way of playing the piano is unique and Mattias’ harsh voice makes a perfect match.
Martin Hederos is also known from The Soundtrack of our lives.

The vinyl includes a bonus track!!

01. Together In The Darkness
02. Mellow My Mind
03. Hang On To A Dream
04. It Won’t Grow
05. Concrete jungle
06. Decembers Dream (bonus track)
07. Epitaph
08. Bless Me
09. Shine A Light
10. Endless Exile
11. Sounds From Silence
12. No Fun

Released 2001