Nattmacka – Double Vinyl – Live

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1. Bland gamla och unga
2. Fattiga & Rika
3. En långsam eld
4. Små hjul
5. En del av dej
6. Slaveri
7. Idioterna
8. (Ge) Bullen (Ett ben)
9. Nattsnack
10 Låt det komma ut
11 Lång väg
12 Jag vaknade upp
13 Min Pappa
14 Tjockhult
15 Hellre en raket
16 Dimma
17 Samma sak
18 Snoorblos

Stig Vig aka Per Odeltorp, singer and frontman of legendary Dag Vag suddenly passed away in January 2012.

For more than 30 years he led the band that sold over 300 000 albums, won some prestigious awards including Gold Records and for a period dominated the rock scene.
This live album is recorded in December 2011 at a club in Stockholm in front of an enthusiastic crowd as it turned out to be the last gig with Stig Vig.
It was one of those nights you had wished you were there.