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Cosmic Overdose 3 Cd box  – Koko Total
After more than 35 years the two classic cult releases “Dada Koko” and “4668” will see the light of day again. Re-released by Swedish label Progress Productions under license from Silence. Both albums have been carefully transferred from reel-to-reel tapes and remastered at the classic Svenska Gramofonstudion studios in Gothenburg by Hans Olsson Brookes.
Not only does the release hold their two albums but the band have collected ALL material ever recorded in Swedish making CD3 in the box a treasure of unreleased material. The band have decided to call CD3 “Övergivet Bandtrassel” (Leftover tape mess). A Booklet that contain 16 pages of early photos is also included in the boxset.
Torny Gottberg at Progress Productions “This has been an almost 5 years long project. A project that truly is from my heart. Cosmic Overdose has played an enormous part in Swedish electronic history and I’m so happy we finally have pulled this project through. We have really carefully fixed all the old reel-to-reel recordings and the material have NEVER sounded better. A true milestone and VERY important time document for Swedish electronic music. ALL their material is now finally collected in one place. Rare demos, live recordings from Kalmar and Oslo from 1980-1981 everything is there. The box also of course holds their mythical track “Oy Oy Oy” which never seen the light of day until now. This is THE electronic music box of 2016 and a must for EVERYONE interested in electronic music”.
CD #1 (Dada Koko)
01. Investera
02. Puppan
03. Moderna Dadaister
04. Saknaden (Av Trans)
05. 1980-30
06. Vit Yta
07. Tanten
08. Turs
09. Råttan
CD #2 (4668)
01. Bomber
02. En Av Dom
03. Android
04. Nina Fontanell
05. Oktoberfragment
06. Hissen
07. Liten Storsint
08. Genomskärning
CD #3 (Singles and unreleased)
01. Observation Galen
02. Isolatorer
03. Ruta Nummer 1
04. Läckan
05. Suicide Case
06. Bensin
07. Psyko Stop
08. Väx & Njut
09. Oy Oy Oy (Köttbulleboys)
10. Elektriska Ålar
11. Tonight
12. Dead