Per Cussion/Tjernberg

Per C 1

”street beat meets world beat with a jazzy attitude”
This is no less than the first rap music made in Sweden – and that was already in 1983.

Swedish musician Per Tjernberg, also known as Per Cussion, went to New York in the early eighties and got struck by the things going on there with the new street culture growing.

After having toured with many well known Swedish bands and musicians, he now was involved with his first solo project and of course he was inspired by what he had seen in New York.
He gathered musicians like Christian Falk, Åke Eriksson, Ulf Adåker, Amadeo Nicoletti, Harald Svensson, Zilverzurfaren and others to play with him.
Even The Doctor himself, John Mac Rebenack, appeared on his own song “I walk on guilded splinters”.

An american from Brooklyn was at the time in Stockholm, he called himself Michael Grant, made his debut on the single “Don´t Stop!”,
which was released in the spring time 1983 and filled the dance floors all over Sweden, Norway and the Middle of Europe.

Per Cussion All Stars then toured a lot and made two more albums.
Per himself has after that made 6 albums and as he has always been very curious and fascinated of other cultures it of course can be heard in his music.

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