Lars Hollmer

Lasse Hollmer 1

During the 70s Lars Hollmer was one of the driving forces behind the bands Samla Mammas Manna, Zamla Mammaz Manna, von Zamla and Ramlösa Kvällar.
When Zamla dissolved 1980 he started to work on a solo project XII Siberian Bicycles, released 1981. He played all instruments himself, mainly keyboard and accordion. The son “Boeve’s Psalm” became a great success and is now of the immortal songs in the Swedish music treasure.

He continued making solo records (Grammy awarded 1998) parallel to all his other projects with cooperations with artists from Japan, USA, Canada and Scandinavia and his Looping Home Orchestra, Lars Hollmer’s SOLA with Japaneese musicians playing his music,
Accordion Tribe and others.

Lars Hollmer was one of the greatest Swedish musicians and composers.