Camouflage / The Tapirs

Camouflage 1

Camouflage started out in Vänersborg, nearby Gothenburg, 1981but not until 1983 they started to get ready to meet the public.

Their feverish music and big sounds with Ola Jörhall’s fragile voice on top was a welcome contrast to the punk rock that had been dominating the music scene for some years then.

Their three albums (produced by Henrik Cederberg, Kai-Martin & Stick!) gathered a big audience and they toured a lot with a performance at Roskilde Festival as a peak.

After a conflict with the German band with the same name, our Camouflage changed their name 1990 into Tapirerna (The Tapirs) and recorded the a,bum Trick & Tro, produced by Dan Sundqvist (Reperbahn). This rendered the band a couple of radio hits.

Their music is maybe best described by the legendary radio producer Lars Aldman in a retrospective from April, 2007.

“The vibrating, energetic explosions of punk rock, always inwards, free falling, no illusions, dreamless, sleepless – but out of the ashes; a new music, just as energetic and vibrant, but instead: filled with hope, dreaming, missing, longing – like day after night, as color after black and white. Like a shimmering, elusive Camouflage painting after too many brutal exclamations marks. A new feeling – flowing, sensual. Oh how welcome it was!”

A compilation, a sort of “best of” Camouflage, with English lyrics was made under the name The Tapirs.