Jolly Bob går i land (Vinyl 12″)

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Before this record was released this band had allready obtained a cult status. Their liveshows were legendary and their acoustic tour on a small train all through Sweden was wreathened in rumours, the singer sang out of a funnel and the band had amplifiers like toys. They captured the soul of Sweden like few others.

01. Spegeln
02. Svenska flaggans dag
03. Viktor
04. Hon kommer
05. Hon kommer tillbaks
06. Olycklig
07. Ensam igen
08. Bang, bang, bom
09. Sotis
10. En dålig dag
11. Väntat ganska länge
12. Vi går till sängs
13. Regn å rusk
14. In i dimman
15. Vad skulle man ha gjort

Released 1991