Klossa knapitatet

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Samla Mammas Manna started in the early seventies and are still a vivid band and an evident part of the progressive music today under different names as Zamla Mammaz Manna, Von Zamla. This intense and energetic music is filled with happy pranks and fast turnings and has for more than 25 years amused its listeners all over the world. Frontman Lars Hollmer has beside his solo carrier also been part of several international musical constellations.

1. Ingenting
2. Liten dialektik
3. Sucken
4. Långt ned i ett kaninhål
5. Kom lite närmare
6. Musmjölkningsmaskinen
7. Influenser
8. Klossa knapitatet
9. Ramlösa kvällar

Released 1974
Reissued 1995