Sov Gott Rose-Marie

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These flower-power pioneers of Sweden, was formed in Stockholm in 1967 as Pärsson Sound, who became International Harvester who became Harvester and finally turned out as Trees, Grass and Stones. And we are talking about truly alternative pinoneers that organized the Swedish Woodstockfestival (Festen på Gärdet) and a lot of other happenings. Trees, Grass and Stones are still a vivid band and playing everywhere they can. Favourites of Stephen Malkmus and others. This record were released in 1968.

01. Dies Irae
02. In the boundless wood
03. There is no other place
04. The Runcorn report on western progress
05. The Prime minister
06. Ho Chi Minh
07. It’s only love
08. It’s getting late now
09. Out to the left
10. The summer song
11. Sleep tight Rose-Marie
12. I mourn you
13. How to survive
14. Harvest times ( Bonus track)

Reissued 2001