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This compilation contains 16 highlights of the group and two new songs newly recorded and never released before. Hedningarna’s music has been described as follows; Put your ear to the ground – right on the spot where scuffy tree trunks turn into the austere morain of the pinewood. There you’ll find a strange, yet unheard sound. Growling with urgency, as if sucked up directely from the all the pot holes, caves and tunnels of the underground. Bright voices of women murmur, holler – and even float around the irresistably buzzing bourdons. Ask yourself: what in the world?! It is Hedningarna, the truly original organism of the Swedish folk forrest. A world of sounds bedded beside all the others.

01. Tuuli
02. Suet Ulvo
03. Kruspolska
04. Tina Vieri
05. Chicago
06. Ukkonen
07. Dolkaren
08. Vettoi
09. Viktorin
10. Nàvdi/ Fasa
11. Fulvalsen
12. Vottikaalina
13. Juopolle Joutunut
14. Gorrlaus
15. Höglorfen
16. Neidon Laulo
17. Skåne
18. Björnlåten

Released 2003