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Fläsket Brinner means Burning Flesh and is a suitabel name for this group that started in 1970 playing music with influences from the time, like kind of jazzrock, psychedelia, folkmusic and long improvisations that often ended in extacy.
Bo Hansson did not often play his music live, but he often joined Fläsket Brinner in concerts, sometimes he played the Hammond but also guitar or cow bell.

This, their debut album, has been long awaited for different reasons but is now finally released including a lot of bonus material on a second LP.
1,2, 5, 9 and 10 are recorded at The Concert Hall in Stockholm December 1st 1970 (on 2-channels) when Fläsket Brinner was warm up for Frank Zappa and Mothers of Inventiom.
Bo Hansson was participating in that concert on Hammand Organ alternativ Cow Bell when Sten Bergman played the organ.

8 is recorded at Liljevalchs Hall of Art during the 3rd Gärdetfest that was held indoors November 20th 1970 (on 8-channels)
B 1, 2, 4, 5 are recorded in the newly started Studio Decibel January 17th and 18th 1971.
3, 4, 6  and 7  are recorded and mixed by Anders Lind.

”Gulan kort” is recorded at Pistolteatern in Stockholm (on 2 channels) February 14th by Claes-Göran Flodén.
All songs are composed by Fläsket Brinner, except ”Bosses Låt” composed by Bo Hansson.
Produced by Anders Lind and Fläsket Brinner.
Remastred by Anders Lind at Silence Studio November-December 2023.
Photo front page and collage on back side by Hans Li Esselius with spiritual help from Kjartan Slettermark and Eva Brundin.