Varför bad du mig förstå när du ljög för mig ändå

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01. Varför bad du mig förstå när du ljög för mig ändå
02. Det gör inget
03. Filmen brinner
04. Staden
05. Ljust från ditt fönster, jag är trött, det är natt
07. Igen & igen

“Three pair of dog eyes are starring into your ear now that “Why did you ask me to understand when your were lying all the same?” finaly is for real. Fint Tillsammans (Fine Together) are wallowing in self-pity while giving you a nicely onedimensional picture of the state of the matters on this second cram-full single from the forthcoming cram-full album. The band is massaging their smarting bellies after this and other splashing water jumps and are already looking forward to future ones. It is the thought that counts anyhow and if you don’t have any imagination Fint Tillsammans is probably not for you.
As usual a super limitied issue super hard to get you hands on.”

We’ve only made 300 copies of this single too and they are numbered by hand. The single is over 20 minutes long and holds 7 tracks. An album is on its way in the spring and will hold the first track “Varför bad du mig förstå när du ljög för mig ändå” and the rest of the material is unique for this issue.