En världsomsegling

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The second album of Fint Tillsammans is filled with instrumental music, beautiful, witty, punky and all performed with brilliance. Drummer Henrik Svensson is now to be found in Moneybrother.
Maybe you can hear that two of the members also are carpenters…lots of tricky guitarlicks. Fint Tillsammans have not played live often, but the few times are lifetime memories for the lucky ones attending their concerts. They have inspired lots of other musicians.

00. Hidden track
01. En världsomsegling
02. Nu vet jag
03. Det mentala
04. Full fart & sol hela dagen…för alltid
05. Ett äss bakom ratten
06. Kärlek rostar inte
07. Kapten Fest gör sin grej
08. 80 dagar
09. Guds vrede
10. Jätten
11. Var är ni?

Released 2000