Lord of the Ring / Sagan Om Ringen

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This classic is Silence’s very first release in 1970. Bo Hansson, former member of legendary duo Hansson & Karlsson, created this music inspired by the book trilogy Lord Of The Rings and won immediate success. This is instrumental music in world class which has inspired musicians all over and also became a world wide success in the early seventies and sold gold in Australia, Southafrica and England and are still the music as for most people is forever connected with Frodo, Gandalf and the others. This CD issue contains rare pictures and one bonus track.
Anders Lind, original producer of the album, has carefully restored the sound.

NOW in a new digipac edition with an upgraded Bo Hansson Story in English and some new pictures.

01. Leaving Shire
02. The Old Forest – Tom Bombadil
03. Fog on the Barrow-Downs
04. The Black Riders – The Flight to the Ford
05. At the House of Elrond – The Ring Goes South
06. A Jjourney in the Dark
07. Lothlòrien
08. Shadowfax
09. The Horns of Rohan – The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
10. Dreams in the House Of Healing
11. Homeward Bound – The Scouring of the Shire
12. The Grey Havens
13. Early Sketches From Middle Earth (bonus)

Released in 1970
Re-issued in 2002