Long before the first record hit the desks in November 1998, the rumor had spread about the fiery, hot and heavy live band called Urga.
In the center was two women, Irya Gemyner and Savannah Agger, with their strong voices singing strange words in a language they had made up themselves just to get the syllables and sounds of he words in the places they wanted.

The band behind them was playing a colorful mix and a very special crossover sounding a little Finnish and Irish and wild, add some reggae and kletzmer rhythms,  a little touch of gipsy music and not to forget a little Swedish melancholy.

Urga formed in 1996 to make the music to the famous new circus group Cirkus Cirkör, with which they have toured the world. But they also had a carrier outside Cirkus Cirkör and they played clubs, all big festivals including Roskildeand and they collaborated with Jonas Åkerlund and Papa Dee before they split up for new adventures. You can f ex find Irya in Irya’s Playground today.






Irya Gmeyner
Savannah Agger
Henrik Ekberg
Stefan Schönning
Hadrian Prett
Magnus Larsson, bas,
Jouni Haapala, slagverk.