Traste Lindéns Kvintett

This folk-rock-punk band was during the 90s one of the most popular groups in Sweden, constantly touring, making attendance records at all scenes.

But they started out a little more modest by doing an acoustic train tour from the south to the north. They jumped off at the stations, played 7 songs furiously fast and jumped back on the train again. They only had sevens songs and played seven gigs (stations) for seven days. The singer used a metallic funnel instead of microphone.

They made four albums at Silence but six in total, including the two first ones.

“On a good night, they were probably the best band in the world!” and they used to play until they were literally bleeding, which is best heard on the live album “Utsålt” (Sold Out). The studio albums, produced by Tony Thorén (Eldkvarn) are a little more polished but hold radio hits like “Svenska flagons dag”, “Lycklig Man” and make the lyrics come more into focus.


Håkan Ahlström
Magnus Fagernäs
Mikloz Fläckman
Traste Lindén
Ulf Stureson
Geir Sundstöl
Ebba Forsberg
Lotta Johansson