Träd, Gräs och Stenar


It was the late 60s, it was summer of love, hippies, student revolting, protests against the war in Vietnam, new thoughts about art and music.

1969 International Harvester/Harvester transformed into Trees, Grass and Stones, with mainly the same members, but more developed ideas of what they wanted to do with the music.

They arranged the very first “Festen på Gärdet” and that literally lit the torch and what was to become the Swedish Music movement had started. Very soon outdoor, free festivals were held all over Sweden.

The band moved to the country side and started to grow vegetables and then back in Stockholm, they opened the very first vegetarian restaurant only serving natural grown food.

But of course it is the music that is in the center.
Their concerts could be like long seances where f ex “All along the watch tower” could start slow and a little fumbling, just to go into an incredible almost self swinging climax and then back again half an hour later.

They were active still in the 2000s, touring USA.
Time has proven that their importance in many aspects cannot be estimated.