Samla Mammas Manna/Zamla Mammaz Manna

Samla Mammas Manna was the leading rock-avantgardists during the seventies, with their intense, energetic music, filled with sudden whims and the skillful performance.

They were formed in an old rebuilt chicken house outside of Uppsala in 1970. At first they just improvised, but slowly from there they started to create their “block music”, as they called it themselves.
The idea was to challenge the audience by not giving them what they wanted, which often worked the other way around, because they soon became very popular.

They have spelled their name in different ways, sometimes with a Z instead of S and sometimes just called themselves von Zamla.
They have collaborated with musicians all over the world, like Henry Cow, Universe Zero, Etron Fou Leloublan, just to mention a few.
They were on of the founders of “Rock In Opposition” (RIO).

It is not quite easy to describe their music since it is so complex and challenging yet so poetic. To listen could be as taking a ride in a roller coaster, yet there is something soft even when hard and urgent.

The music will not run you over, but rather sit beside you and behave badly.


Lars Hollmer (rip)
Eino Haapala
Lasse Krantz
Hasse Bruniusson
Coste Apetrea
Henrik Öberg