Ramlösa Kvällar / Frameless nights

Ramlösa Kvällar was formed after Samla Mammas Manna’s short break in 1976 by Lars Hollmer (accordion) and Coste Apetrea (guitar, bouzouki) together with Ulf Wallander (sax, maracas), Kalle Eriksson (trumpet, flute) and Bill Öhrström (percussion).

They play acoustic and instrumental music influenced by eastern-european folk music, American blues, Greece sound and Swedish folk tunes.
During the fall 1977 they made a few appearances in some small clubs and therefor the only album released 1978, was recorded live to catch the magic of the moment.

Fans of Samla should check it out.


Lars Hollmer
Coste Apetrea
Kalle Eriksson
Ulf Wallander
Bill Öhrström