Kai Martin & Stick!

From April 1, 1978 until August 10, 1985 – seven years of expansive, always developing music.
Kai Martin & Stick! was, as one of the most influential Swedish post-punk bands, a restless orchestra that bid you intense recordings and sparkling performances.
It did not matter if the audience were 10 people in a small town or 40 000 on a big festival.
They wandered their own path, made just a few alliances, never applied for cultural support, did not flirt, but still, they were proud enough to try to give you an impression of themselves that you should never forget.
(Kai Martin)


Peter Bryx
Rasta Kaj Farai
Gomer Explensch
Kai Martin
Tony Vibrato
Ronny Rock
Heinrich Höffgren (1982-1985)
Georg Cremonese (1983-1985)