Harvester - Hemåt 6

The open society in the Swedish 60s version; a life that was closed and finished and technically clean is opening up to new ways of understanding the world.
And in the music of Pearsson Sound/International Harvester/Harvester this development finds a most spontaneous and surprising reflection and the music still has its relevance, more than 40 years after it was created.

Not only are the records now unashamedly expensive to bye in second hand shops; the way of perceiving and presenting the materials and the structures of the music is probably a lot easier to grasp for a wider audience today, mostly because of the development of the experimental techno music during the 90s, with its diversity of different Dub and repetitive techniques.
A long song is not long in the same sense anymore.

So, music, that at the time, might have sounded strange and experimental, can after enough long time has passed, be proven to have been very influential. Which is the case with this music.

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Bo Anders Persson
Thomas Tidholm
Torbjörn Abelli (rip)
Thomas Gartz (rip)
Arne Ericsson
Urban Yman