Handgjort (Hand made) was formed 1970 when four musicians, (with Greg Fitzpatrick, an American anti war deserter in the front), that all had been to India at different times, met back here in Sweden.

They had all been inspired by the music they heard and learned in India and sneaked into Silence’s small studio in the nighttime to record this album filled with pop music with a clearly eastern touch.

In 1970 Silence released their album (SRS 4602) at the same time as the more well known “Lord of the Rings” with and by Bo Hansson so
Handgjort’s album more or less got lost in the hype that was created around Bo’s record.
Handgjort only existed for a year and made their last performance at the Gärdetfest in 1971 with about 20 musicians at stage, among them Don Cherry, Mikael Ramel and several members of Kebnekajse.

The CD is a cooperation between Silence and Psykofon, who also released a vinyl replica in a 500 ex edition, whack is sold out.
The CD is also a kind of replica, made in 600 unique, numbered samples with hand made covers and a lot of bonus material and an extensive 32 pages booklet.
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Greg Fitzpatrick
Guy Öhrström
Stig Arne Karlsson
Theo Greyerz