First Floor Power


First Floor Power was formed in 1997 in Malmö, and was discovered by bob hund when they were support band on a bob hund concert.

So in 1999 they recorded their first album “We are the people” in Silence Studio with Jonas Jonasson from bob hund as producer.

The single Time Time became a small hit but the album awoke strong reactions among the critics, it was love or hate.  But New York paper Time Outs considered it as one of the 10 Best  Albums of the Year 2001.

Album number two “Nerves” was released in 2003 and also produced by Jonas Jonasson and recorded in Silence Studio as well as Traxton in Stockholm.

Since then the critics have recognized the huge talent of singer and composer Jenny Wilson in her collaboration with The Knife and in her solo projects.

FFP has continued releasing records on their own label Rebelman Recordings for example a 7″ single with covers of songs by David Bowie, Yoko Ono and Daniel Johnston. A choice that shows a little about their musical world and influences.

Karl-Jonas Winqvist and Sara Wilson are also having new thrilling and inspiring projects.