Fint Tillsammans

Let’s just establish the fact that Fint Tillsammans (Fine Together) is a Swedish trio with great musicality.

They sing songs about the hardships, fragility and deceits of the male and female fellowship, they are not afraid to show they’re vulnerable, their dreams and sorrows. The total confusion and happiness.

Or they don’t sing at all, just play instrumental music, as on “En Världsomsegling”.

Musically they play all kinds of indie-Velvet  and Dean Martin-velvet. Romance and chaos side by side just like life. And the melodies linger all around, and if you must say just one thing about FT, it must be, that they are really good melody makers! 

These three guys grew up in the same neighbourhood in Stockholm and have been playmates since day care.

Henrik Svensson, drums, guitars, vocal, is always busy. At the moment he’s playing with Moneybrother and Doktor Kosmos, he’s been touring with Miss Universum, producing records, drives motor cross in the evenings, makes record covers, and so on…

Martin Stensö, vocals, lyrics, keyboards, recording and Henrik Wiklund, guitars, vocal, are both, besides utterly talented and dynamic musicians, carpenters as occupation, and in the time in between the records they’ve been building houses, bars and record stores in Stockholm.

All of them together has been making music for films, theatre and children’s TV programmes, one became a daddy and two had depressions, which you can hear on this record and all of them now have a driving license, which is pretty much a grown up thing. 



Henrik Svensson
Henrik Wiklund
Martin Stensö