Chick Habit

No bullshit – short songs, lots of melodies and straight on!

Five girls in their early twenties from Stockholm City started in 2002 with the intention just to play loud and fast.

Their motto was “More! More! More! More!”

As energetic and playful as Japanese punk and with influences from the American and British sixties/seventies’ punk/pop alternative rock scene and up to date they just bring you a good time with their gaily coloured music.

With their simple, naïve lyrics performed to catchy melodies they’re playing with our prejudice opinions and our roles of genders…

The singer Milène Larsson can with her elastic vocal cord create tones you didn’t even know existed, an updated version of Betty Boop maybe…


Milène Larsson - sång, gitarr
Halina Larsson - gitarr
Dorotea Öster - bas
Lisa Borgnäs - trummor
Anna Arvidsson - synth