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“It’s only minutes after Bob Hund have finished an already classic concert at the Cityhall in Stockholm.
The floor is filled with glassplinters and the air is still vibrating from adrenaline.
Per and Mauritz from Eggstone, who have been standing on chairs during the concert to be able to see better, are trying to find the right words. “- This is the best I have seen since Pere Ubu in Roskilde 1989”, Per is mumbling while squeezing his beerglass. “- Or maybe Pixies is a better comparison. Hearing this was like hearing The Pixies for the very first time. It hits right here”, he says and points at the heart.

Nix and Jock in The Nomads, who have been standing in the first row during the whole concert, is also discussing Bob Hund. “- Essing”, says Nix. “He is God damn it the only true Guitar Hero in Stockholm.” Jock continues: “- Bob Hund is the best band in Sweden. Yes, I really mean that. No other band can make me feel so much. This really touches me and that is more than you can say about most bands today.”

Bob Hund’s music is completely free from “funny” and “charming” pop references.

This is music derived from what the singer and composer Thomas Öberg has “inside his cap”.
In the brilliant song “All on one card”, a title telling you all about the band’s attitude, he is spitting out words like “I have forgotten my first summer/I have forgotten my first winter with snow” accompanied by frenetic guitars attacking like wasps under your sweater.
Bob Hund’s acting on stage make all other bands in Sweden look pale
Thomas Öberg is as much among the audience as he is on the stage during a concert. The band members are supplying him with electricity that seems to reproduce through his arms and legs.
Thomas says, that after an hours concert he feels more alive than ever. Everybody who have seen Bob Hund know exactly what he means.”
Jan Gradwall, Nöjesguiden in the 90s

More voices heard about Bob Hund

-“I am really worried about their health, they look depressed. But this music is fantastic!” Richard Butler, Psychedelic Furs

-“This is really peculiar and original music and I like that very much! I have finally found a Swedish record that I want to bring back home!
Graham Coxon, Blur

-” Bob Hund is a really great band”.
Graham Lewis, Wire

-” Bob Hund had a really great show at Hultsfreds Festival”
Jonathan Richman