Bo Hansson

Bo Hansson’s musical journey started already in the late fifties when he traveled with a female rock singer “Rock- Olga” as guitarist and with the pop group Merrymen in the early sixties.

But it is above all as organist we know of him.

1967 – 1969 he was the one half of the rather famous hammondorgan-drum-duo Hansson & Karlsson. While in this duo he got acquainted with Anders Lind. When he a little later had some musical ideas he turned to Anders.

They went to a summer house and stayed for the whole long winter to record what was to become a musical interpretation to “Lord of the Rings”. At the time “everybody” was reading these books and the music was just the perfect sound track to them.

Anders started Silence to be able to release this fabulous music that became a great success all over the world.

He never performed his music live, but did appearances in the groups Kebnekajse and Fläsket Brinner, and at these occasions they could play some of his music. Members from both groups also participated on his records.

Bo’s music is not dated and still today a lot of music lovers find the way into his very own musical world.

Bo Hansson 10.4 1943 – 23.4 2010

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