Bergman Rock

Thomas Öberg, Conny Nimmersjö, Jonas Jonasson, Mats Hellquist, John Essing och Mats Andersson known as bob hund will never get to old for punk rock.

But after having almost all the success you can get and been rewarded with almost all the rewards there is, and been there, seen that, done that –  they had to invent themselves again, get a real challenge and that was Bergman Rock.

The first record was seven years in the making but the second just seven days.

“This release finds Bergman Rock combining the best elements of punk, pop and rock. It’s sublime artistry and it’s mammothly spontaneous. Positively perverse. Stadium rock for the wicked” as their manager Marcus Törncrantz describes the second album.


Thomas Öberg
Conny Nimmersjö
Johnny Essing
Jonas Jonasson
Mats Hellqvist
Mats Andersson