Älgarnas Trädgård


This legendary band from Gothenburg started in the very easy seventies and soon got known for their remarkable concerts that more turned out to be musical installations than just concerts.

They experimented with sounds and constantly expanded their possibilities to get new sounds, with organs, mouth harps and pedals besides the more ordinary instruments like violin, guitars and drums. When recording the first album they even tried to use the studio itself as an instrument.

After the Gärdet Fest 1971 they got more and more famous and started touring all over Sweden in their own bus, with their own light show and got more and more skilful at their instruments.

That eventually lead to some differences in the group, some wanted to play more rock and some wanted more of the exmerimenting and when the second album was recorded, the group had dissolved. The album was never finished and released – until 27 years later! – and was appropriate called “Delayed” and is more representative of how they sounded live.

Where are they now?
Andreas is a musician in “Hoffmans” and different theatre projects.
Mikael is a musical teacher and musician in “De vandrande kvinterna”.
Dennis died in cancer 1980.
Dan is a musician and composer in Twice A Man.
Jan travelled a couple of rounds around the world and is now working with 3D graphics.
Sebastian is a musician and composer in Flesh Quartet.

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